Andy Greenshaw

Are you looking for an iOS (Swift / Objective-C), C, C++ or OpenTV developer ?

Checkout some of my personal apps on the App Store:

I have 13 years experience working within the interactive TV domain, creating applications (including grid based electronic programme guides and interactive adverts) for British Interactive Broadcasting, Open...., Sky, OpenTV, Foxtel and chellomedia using the OpenTV SDK, OpenTV OpenAuthor, OpenTV OpenStreamer and OpenTV Publisher.

For the last 5 years I have been developing iOS applications, both simple information based applications and more complicated applications, making use of the capabilities of the iOS device - including GPS, maps, internet access and the camera.

Other areas of expertise include RESTful api's, C, C++ (on Windows and Unix) and Visual C++ development, Windows' Services, SOAP, XML and Linux.

For more information (including availability and rates), or iOS app support, please email me here